Portfolio of A-Squared Architects, Norwich, Norfolk

Banham Hall Barns Restoration

TYPE: Restoration

Address: Banham Hall, Banham

Award winner Banham Hall Barns Restoration

The project involves historically valuable buildings at Banham Hall farm which had become impractical for modern farm use. It received a High Level Stewardship grant from Natural England/DEFRA. The philosophy behind such HLS schemes is to conserve historic farm buildings in as sensitive manner as possible, maintaining their original form, structure and materials. The intended final use of the restored buildings is for educational purposes. Their value lies in their historical record of early farming buildings. The buildings in question were principally of oak timber frame construction, with clay pantiled roofs and timber weather-boarded elevations. A small part of the project was of red facing brickwork and clay lump, also with a pantiled roof.