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TYPE: Art installation

Address: Cley beach, North Norfolk

Ping Pong Towers is part of Cley 14, a month long exhibition curated by artists Polly Bins and Rod Bugg, the exhibition has a number of locations including the village church and the beach, which is part of a wildlife reserve owned by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust. The towers responds to the theme of ‘minutia and immensity’, a structure made of orange ping pong balls which are glued together to form slender towers, it reflects on the coast line with its expansiveness and plethora of minutiae and the church, an immense man-made structure which is formed from millions of individual Norfolk flints bound with lime. They are positioned to line up with the tower of Blakeney church, which rises above the inland horizon, and the colour is shared with other maritime symbols like buoys and lifeboats and creates a vivid flash of orange against the blue sky and sea. The boat in the foreground is another of the selected works by artist Mary Crofts and is a commentary on the plastic pollution and volume of man-made debris that washes up on all beaches today. The exhibition is entitled ‘A Creative Conversation’ and runs from July 3rd – August 3rd 2014.